Domino UK

Network Domino Effect

Unlimited Bandwidth, dark fibre, WAN

Domino UK Ltd of Cambridge provided us with an excellent opportunity when they needed their IT network to connect premises separated by public roads and third party properties.

Domino a world leading industrial ink jet and laser printer manufacturer, needed to expand its network capability to match their growing business. Operating in a fast moving world – in terms of developing technology and providing the finished product swiftly to the customer, IT connections between their head office, Research & Development and Logistics centre, , needed to be seamless. The HQ and R&D buildings, housing some 500 people, are close to one another, however the challenge came with the logistics and warehouse complex, some distance away – and this complex is expanding the fastest of the three.

Domino is not a company slow to adopt IT technology. Their link between the HQ/R&D campus and the logistics centre used infrared technology providing 100MB. With continuing expansion, 100MB was proving limiting for the newer IT applications.

Public road ducting

The solution was to swap the Infrared principle for extra fibre-optic cable between the HQ and R&D buildings, utilising an existing cable duct, and using more fibre optic cable and a new duct for the all-important connection to the Logistics centre.

The new cable duct was installed in a public road having obtained all the necessary consents and licenses for the work, on Domino’s behalf, including installing inspection chambers en-route. Installation took just three weeks.

Sky’s the limit.

Domino now has a network with no practical limit on bandwidth. The figures themselves don’t matter – even with the first fibre-optic cables now installed they have many times more than they use – and it will be a simple matter to add more cables through the new ducts at any time.

Financially, too, it was a success story for Domino. Compared to a traditional leased line alternative, the payback on their unlimited bandwidth fibre is under 12 months.


Linchpin effectively took all of the headaches away from this project. Throughout the project their planning, preparation and management were excellent. The project was delivered on budget and ahead of time

Robert Barba, Domino UK Ltd.