WAN Bandwidth

Wide Area Network Bandwidth, whether to other offices, a disaster recovery site or your own clients is one of the most costly parts of any network. By optimising your WAN bandwidth you can control costs, realise costs savings and increase network and application performance.

Linchpin Networks have partnered with all of the UK’s foremost carriers and supply bandwidths from 2mbps up to 10Gbps, as well as dark fibre which offers unlimited bandwidth.

If you’d like to benefit from increased WAN bandwidth get in touch with us today.

Dark Fibre
Private Leased Line
Bandwidths DSL up to 10GBps
Topology Point to Point
Bespoke Build (fibre)
Many to Many (MPLS)
Management Proactive from 24hr Network Operation Centre
Quality of Service Various levels according to network type
Resilience Various levels
Coverage World wide
More information about WAN types