Connectivity-As-A-Service (CAAS)

Making connectivity simpler, reliable and more affordable

Today, our reliance on connectivity is unprecedented. As we consume more cloud services, embrace next-generation technology and rely on remote working more than ever, we must stay connected at all costs.

However, our experience with connectivity is often frustrating and unpredictable. And you’ll see the same problems across the telecoms industry. Unreliable performance. Poor service. Complex, expensive

We believe the industry needs to change. We believe connectivity should be simpler, reliable and more affordable. Just as critical as your utilities: water, gas and electricity – we want connectivity to work in exactly the same way.

The 4th Utility

Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) is not just a fully integrated LAN and WAN solution, but a plug and play, total network solution delivered via a single supplier contract. It has been developed to deliver on the following three core values:

To make connectivity simpler

For organisations that want to remove all thehassle of managing and maintaining networks, CaaS works just the same way as the way you buy and consume a utility. This means you don’t need to worry about any aspect of network maintenance and can instead rely on us to manage everything on your behalf.

To make making connectivity reliable

Providing connectivity is all that we do. Our total network management approach means our network infrastructure has been designed and built by industry experts. It is also managed by highly skilled engineers, using the latest security and monitoring tools, as well as being accredited to the highest standards.

All of this means our service runs more reliably than most non-specialist networking organisations could deliver for themselves.

To make connectivity more affordable:

Just like a utility, CaaS is a subscription-based service with pay-per-user pricing that offers the flexibility to increase or decrease your number of users. We also offer a range of commercial options to cater for your existing network infrastructure, such as the purchase of your assets for their current value.

In summary, CaaS provides:

Our purpose-built utility model for connectivity is based on the very latest network infrastructure, advanced monitoring tools and network engineering expertise, while underpinned by significant commercial flexibility. It is an entirely disruptive and revolutionary approach for the provision of connectivity and is unique in the marketplace.

3 reasons why LAN management improves

  1. Firstly, when it comes to managing your LAN/WLAN, we build a unique inventory database for every customer, containing all the relevant SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) data about all your network-connected devices.
  2. With an inventory database, we are able to provide a truly proactive service using network insight and automated, remote monitoring tools, to pinpoint exact issues and resolve them before they affect
  3. We’ll also have full visibility and control of your network. So, we can identify usage trends, potential security vulnerabilities, advise on network design and capacity planning, manage multiple suppliers, administer user access and so much more.

3 reasons why WAN management improves

  1. Our WAN services are based on a VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding) model. This provides multiple WAN instances including MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), voice and internet. Deploying a VRF model means you can prioritise private traffic, while minimising your use of the public internet, leading to improved security and reliability.
  2. Our WAN services provide a dedicated private connection to each of the online destinations your business users need to access every day – for their core applications, content & data. This can include your own data centre, cloud providers such as AWS or Azure, voice (SIP) and the UK’s main internet exchanges, such as LINX.
  3. As well as using our own core network, we also aggregate the connectivity services of the top tier 1 carriers. This means we can offer greater network capacity and affordability, both UK wide and internationally.

Delivering a total network solution

Networking best practice means removing the silos between your WAN and LAN. By doing this, we enable complete line of sight across your network – from the user to the data, content and applications they connect to every day.

This total network solution provides:

Why LinchPin – at a glance

CaaS – Commercial flexibility

You no longer need to finance your network management or pay for connectivity in the traditional way. CaaS offers a range of flexible commercial options, enabling you to switch across to the service easily – with a subscription-based, pay-per-use finance model with minimal contractual obligations.

Transfer your existing network assets/kit

CaaS enables you to accelerate the modernisation of your infrastructure, while catering for your past investments in network assets & kit.

Future-proof your network infrastructure.

With CaaS, you’ll benefit from a future-proof, secure and agile network that enables your business to adapt to whatever comes your way.

Scale your network in line with demand (up or down)

The flexibility offered by the CaaS commercial model enables you to scale up or down – in line with variations in people, devices, sites and connectivity demand.

Benefit from a simple & predictable financial model

Depending on your preferred investment approach, you’ll have different options to leverage OPEX & CAPEX, with all the benefits of a typical pay-per-use utility model.